Artichoke shrimp pie with garlic sauce           7

Assorted salami and cheese plate served with crackers          7

Baked lobster spinach dip       7

House made garlic bread        5

Tomato Rosemary Focaccia    6

Grilled Caponata Bruschetta  6

La Bussola seafood mountain (oysters, scallops, smoked salmon, snails, crab, and prawns) 60

Primi Piatti

Lobster Asparagus Risotto     9

Linguini with clams served in a white wine sauce                  12

La Bussola Spaghetti (garlic, anchovies, black olive, tomato, chili)   10

Spaghetti Bolognese with veal meatballs       12

Fettuccine alfredo served with smoked salmon         12

Ravioli with ricotta and veal served in a tomato sauce          12

Gnocchi (handmade) with ricotta       12

Secondi Piatti

Roasted fresh salmon with white wine and lemon     21

Grilled grouper filet    25

Boiled sea bass            25

Grilled calamari and cuttlefish            30

Mixed grilled fish platter (serves 4)    80

Rack of lamb made with savory herb rub       30

Grilled veal escalope   30

Chicken marsala with wine sauce       19

Breaded Milanese veal chop   19


Tiramisu cake  7

Triple chocolate cake  7

Cappuccino cake         7

Cheese cake    7

Assorted gelato (vanilla, strawberry, pistachio, chocolate)    7

Espresso          6

Espresso with vodka and coffee liqueur         10

Caffè Macchiato         3

Caffè Latte     3

Caffè Americano        3

Cappuccino     3

Assorted tea (green, peppermint, chai, English breakfast)     3